• Custom Vocation system with transforms in XML
    • Custom damage system – deleted tibia armor/defense etc. multipilers. DMG based on sum of equipment attacks, spell power – target sum defense
    • Custom spell system
    • Custom monster attack system – with strategy, attacks order and target based on near enemies, monster INT and current health. Monster will switch weapons / techniques during fight
    • Living Cities – Custom NPC system, every NPC will have scripted but generic day plan, NPC can travel to other city / fight with enemies or be knocked down.
    • Shops storage based on custom suply system.
    • Generic Quest System
    • Skill system based on your actions, no more stupid training monk life skill systems
    • Advanded house system – Players can change own house to shop or things like smithy
    • Skills based of TRUE training – Players get experience in spells / techniques only using them.
    • Custom skilltree for every vocation – No limit there, if someone want to spend a few months learning all type of skills, it will be possible (but not every skill ingame)
    • Bloodline system
    • Full multi language system

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