Day 2

Today I mainly dealt with removing unnecessary things from the engine. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them.
What has been removed?

  • All action scripts.
  • Creaturescripts – firstitems.lua
  • Items folder
  • Monsters dir content
  • Movements dir content
  • All NPCs.
  • Spells dir content
  • Weapons dir content
  • Variables from global.lua

I organized the tools needed for the project, RME, ItemEditor, ObjectEditor. Due to the fact that I will change the spr / dat structure in the future, I have compiled all tools by myself. By the way, I corrected some errors in OTC, i.e Idle Animations that are necessary to complete my project. I put everything on the repository. The next step was to create a new .spr / .dat and items.otb. Now, spr size is 100kb +-, but there’s a lot of work to do to create all the items from scratch.



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