31 days plan

A playable version of the server will be available after 31 days of work. NEMS is my side project, so I will not be able to spend all my free time on that, but I will try my best to finish it as soon as possible. I will try to share as much information as i can, however, the full source code of the game will remain closed, and I will only share its fragments.


On the first day, I managed to finish several organizational tasks:

  • I purchased the nems.online domain.
  • I configured the blog server so that I can collect all the information in one place.
  • I connected the mail server and added the option to subscribe to the site.
  • I bought dedicated server.
  • I installed all the required packages, compiled the basic version of OTC and TFS 1.3.
  • I created Trello to manage the project.
  • I unblocked a fanpage of an old project that was never created and i connected it to the blog: http://facebook.com/nemsonline/
  • I started work on planning all systems.

There will be several forms of each vocation in the game. Currently, most servers use a stupid method to create several vocations for each transform. The aforementioned method is idiotic, because with more vocations, it hinders work and balancing the game. Example of the default entry in Vocations:

<vocation id="1" clientid="3" name="Sorcerer" description="a sorcerer" gaincap="10" gainhp="5" gainmana="30" gainhpticks="6" gainhpamount="5" gainmanaticks="3" gainmanaamount="5" manamultiplier="1.1" attackspeed="2000" basespeed="220" soulmax="100" gainsoulticks="120" fromvoc="1">
    <formula meleeDamage="1.0" distDamage="1.0" defense="1.0" armor="1.0" />
    <skill id="0" multiplier="1.5" />
    <skill id="1" multiplier="2.0" />
    <skill id="2" multiplier="2.0" />
    <skill id="3" multiplier="2.0" />
    <skill id="4" multiplier="2.0" />
    <skill id="5" multiplier="1.5" />
    <skill id="6" multiplier="1.1" />

Planned entry in the new version

<vocation id="1" name="Naruto" gainhp="5" gainki="5" basespeed="100">
    <form id="1" basespeed="110"/>
    <form id="2" basespeed="130"/>
    <form id="3" basespeed="150"/>

Most of the current settings will be global. Every detail will be in custom config, vocations.xml must be simple and clear, containing only basic information about each vocation and transforms.



I recommend clicking ‘watch’ on github projects you use, in my case it is TFS and OTC. Often, fixes are available for unknown bugs, and it is better to find out about them from there than by finding them on your own server.

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